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Learning Hub LH: COMSEC Stream


The Communications Security (COMSEC) curriculum offers Government of Canada (GC) and Private Sector Company’s personnel an introduction to this subset of Information Technology Security (ITS). The protection of information transmitted by electrical means, and of certain electronic emissions associated with sensitive (classified or protected) information, involves the use of specialized technical, operational and physical security measures. The courses allow the participant to gain a good understanding of COMSEC as an ITS discipline, its associated equipment and reminds GC employees of the need for caution when processing sensitive information.


Only personnel who work within an approved COMSEC account or require access to Accountable COMSEC Material to perform their duties are eligible to attend.

Course-Related Materials

To provide a green learning environment the LH will provide learners with an electronic copy of the course material. Should you prefer a hard copy of the handouts, they will be available in class. Throughout the course you will have access to relevant references and may also be given handouts, references, glossaries, sample quiz and test questions in addition to other supplementary materials.

Please note, courses 205, 206, 230 and 681 have a mandatory final exam that learners must pass for official certification.

COMSEC Equipment – Other Related Training

Secure communications rely heavily on the sophistication and reliability of IT systems that store and use cryptographic keying material. A major factor in the successful utilization of the systems is human interaction with the equipment. To avoid the pitfalls associated with “trial-and-error” techniques, users should establish a basic foundation upon which to build expertise. These courses provide an introduction to current and emerging COMSEC-related systems.

Security Clearance Requirements

These courses are unclassified and no security clearance is required unless otherwise indicated below.

COMSEC Management Certification Program (CMCP)

This certification program combines existing courses into distinct pathways that will provide the necessary foundation to prepare candidates appointed as COMSEC Custodians. The CMCP pathways will be a mandatory requirement for all GC employees or private sector company personnel who are appointed to the position of COMSEC Custodian or Alternate COMSEC Custodian. For those who believe that they have the requisite training and/or experience that support the learning requirements in the 235 and 410 courses, they can apply for Prior Learning Assessment and Recognition (PLAR) to the LH.

The CMCP will consist of three similar but independent pathways that have been designed to consider COMSEC account composition; Manual (non-automated), DIAS and EKMS. They are broken down as follows:

Manual Account Pathway (4 days)

  • 230 - COMSEC Account Management Course (GC)

DIAS Account Pathway (5 days)

  • 230 - COMSEC Account Management Course (GC)
  • 206 - Distributed INFOSEC Accounting System (DIAS)

EKMS Account Pathway (9 days)

  • 230 - COMSEC Account Management Course (GC)
  • 205 - Government of Canada Electronic Key Management System (GC EKMS)

Each course administers quizzes throughout and/or a final exam to satisfy knowledge retention. The final exam, administered at the end of 230, 205 and 206, requires a passing grade to receive LH CMCP certification.

The LH will continue to offer the 235 and 410 as stand-alone courses for those who wish to enhance their COMSEC and Cryptographic Security knowledge but have not been appointed to a COMSEC custodial position. If you are already a qualified COMSEC custodian and you are currently performing the required custodial duties, you do not need to take the all the courses offered in the CMCP certification. You will still be qualified as a COMSEC custodian.

NOTE: DND is exempt from the mandatory provision of this program and will continue to provide COMSEC Custodian training according to its own policy and schedule. Although DND/CAF COMSEC Custodians may apply for the CMCP certification, or submit a request for PLAR in order to achieve our certification, there is no mandatory requirement for them to do so. DND personnel attend some of our courses to enhance their understanding of ITS/COMSEC policies, processes and best practices; but the courses are not prerequisites for DND COMSEC Custodian qualification.