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Summary of 611 - Security Classification Marking

Course Description

In this online course, you will learn:

  • The protection and classification levels used by Canada and how they relate to information
  • The Security Classification Marking Syntax
  • How to apply security classification markings to information and items associated with National Security System (NSS)

Course Objectives

  • Introduction to Security Classification Markings
    • Information Confidentiality Categories
    • Classified Information
    • Protected Information
  • Security Classification Marking Words
    • Classification Markings
    • Control System Markings
    • Dissemination Control Markings
  • Security Classification Marking Syntax
    • The Syntax
    • Classification Marking
    • The Control System Marking
    • The Dissemination Control Marking
  • Security Marks
    • Document Marks
    • Portion Marks
    • How to Portion Mark
    • Identifying Portions
    • Banner Liners
    • How to construct Banner Lines
  • Marking Items
    • How to mark a document
    • How to mark a paper
    • How to mark a slide deck
    • How to mark an email
    • How to construct Banner Lines




Online - Self-paced

Target Audience

Any GC employee dealing with classified documentation