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Summary of 121 - COVID-19 Cyber Threat Awareness

Course Description

Cyber criminals thrive on uncertainty, and COVID-19 provides an ideal environment for them. A simple click on a link, claiming to be a hospital or government organization, can lead to sensitive patient information being compromised, or even worse, disruption in patient care. When it comes to cybersecurity, vigilance is key. COVID-19 vaccine administration sites are reliant on technology to schedule appointments, record patient information, and store COVID-19 vaccine related data. As a result of poor cyber hygiene habits, these systems could be vulnerable to cyberattacks. Don’t be a victim. Your digital health depends on it. This Covid-19 Cyber Threat Awareness Course is a 30-minute presentation on the cybercrime landscape, cyber security threats, prevention, and reporting. The purpose of this course is to increase your cyber security awareness and due diligence during the vaccine deployment in the coming months.

Course Objectives

By the end of the workshop the learner will have:

  • Describe the cybercrime landscape related to the Covid-19 vaccine deployment
  • List common cyber security threats
  • Avoid cyber security threats
  • Report cybercrimes
  • Recall where to access reference information




30 minutes

Target Audience

health care workers, technicians, and administrators within the Covid-19 vaccine deployment.