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Summary of 231 - Controlling Authority/Command Authority Key Material Support Plan (KMSP)

231 - English, May
231 - English, November
231 - French, February

Course Description

All federal departments must ensure that appointed personnel possess the required knowledge to manage the operational use of key material assigned to a cryptonet. This online course introduces the basics of Communications Security (COMSEC), the roles and responsibilities of controlling authorities and cryptographic logistics and maintenance. Participants will learn to identify cryptonet key requirements and become familiar with the concepts required in the development of a Key Material Support Plan.

Designed as a two-part blended approach, the first part consists of an e-learning component which will focus on the COMSEC environment where participants will gain knowledge of the roles and responsibilities of the Controlling Authority (CA). Second, the workshop component, delivered in a classroom setting, will focus on developing a Key Material Support Plan (KMSP).

Course Objectives

  • Identify the CA Roles and Responsibilities
  • Become familiar with cryptographic keys and the networks they protect
  • Review applicable Policy and Directives
  • Draft a KMSP




½ day

Target Audience

Government of Canada (GC) personnel who have been designated as CA of a cryptonet.


  • Participants must complete the e-learning prior to attending the workshop.
  • It is recommended that participants attend the KMSP workshop within sixty days of completing the e-learning component.